Nicole Scherzinger: “I want a baby, but work calls”

Nicole Scherzinger: “I want a baby, but work calls”
Nicole Scherzinger: “I want a baby, but work calls”

Nicole Scherzinger rose to fame with the Pussycat Dolls. After a career low, the 46-year-old surprised everyone with an award-winning role in the musical “Sunset Boulevard”. She spoke to the “London Times” about the Dolls, her work and her greatest wish.

Most people remember Nicole Scherzinger as the head doll of the Pussycat Dolls, as a glamour girl and as the girlfriend of racing driver Lewis Hamilton. At 46, she has all but disappeared from the gossip columns and is more successful than ever. In a different league. In London, she played Norma Desmond, the fallen film star from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical “Sunset Boulevard”. The London Times judged that her performance even overshadowed that of Glenn Close.

Norma’s role reversed

“Sunset Boulevard” changed the singer’s life. If you don’t know the piece: the radiantly beautiful Scherzinger plays a forgotten, frail diva from the silent film era, who lives locked up in her villa in a delusional world. A greater contrast to songs from the Pussycat Dolls era with lines like “You wish your girlfriend was as hot as me” is hard to imagine. And yet there are similarities. Didn’t Scherzinger live in a villa in Hollywood like Norma, weren’t her golden times from the noughties long gone? From being the living dream of millions of men, she had sunk to being a permanent guest on talent shows.

“Norma has the same insecurities as all of us: fear of being alone, fear of feeling empty, fear of being misunderstood and rejected.”

She describes the role as healing, as she reinterprets Norma. No longer as a washed-up, confused diva, but as a hard-working actress who has just been fired. “You have to do the work and look ugly while doing it, and that’s what I did in this role. There were tears, blood, and lots of snot. I never thought I would get to this point.”

With fame came the dramas

She had her breakthrough with the Pussycat Dolls, but it was a difficult time, Scherzinger recalls in the interview. The young women gave everything and nobody protected them – not even from themselves. “We had to deal with our demons and problems and were always on the go. And we never allowed ourselves to sleep. To be honest, that was a recipe for disaster. It went like this: ‘Kill them to the bone until they pass out.’ I just couldn’t sleep. I’ve always had trouble sleeping.”

She also had problems with her body image, even leading to bulimia. Scherzinger explains it today with her special role in the group. She was the singer, the other dancers. For the other Dolls, their bodies were an instrument, they were used to playing with them. She, on the other hand, had problems with being in the spotlight with her body. On the other hand, there were never any problems with the Dolls’ sexy clothing – the pussycat look. “I didn’t feel exploited at all because I had control over what I did.” She was able to design many of the clothes herself. “I wanted to look like Gwen Stefani.” And anyway: “We wore a lot more than people wear today. The artists.”

Body image is no longer so important to her today. “That’s the great thing about getting older – you don’t care about it so much anymore.” In the interview, she talks about turbulent Dolls times, but she doesn’t want to say anything about her known ex-boyfriends. She just says: “I took a lot of risks in relationships. I’m a pretty dependent guy and I’m still learning what it means to set boundaries and take the risk of leaving unhealthy relationships that aren’t good for me.”

Nicole Scherzinger on success and love

Since the beginning of 2020, Nicole Scherzinger has been dating Thom Evans, a former Scottish rugby international. “He’s extremely organized and extremely punctual, which is the opposite of me, so he makes me so much better in that respect. I don’t know if all rugby players are like that, but he’s the cleanest. He has an OCD like me and I just love that. It’s great.”

They are engaged and the wedding will come when their commitments allow it. When asked if she wants babies, Nicole Scherzinger just pours out: “Oh my God, I would love to. I’ve never shied away from it. I can’t wait. It’s like the clock is ticking. I want a baby, but work is calling. I have to make time because yes, I can’t wait to have children.”


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