Wet Hair Look: This summer hairstyle suits every woman

Wet Hair Look: This summer hairstyle suits every woman
Wet Hair Look: This summer hairstyle suits every woman

If you want to wear your hair down in the summer but don’t want strands in your face, you can find styling inspiration here: How to achieve the wet hair look.

The wet hair look is back and is taking over the fashion world again in 2024. This trendy style, reminiscent of wet, freshly washed hair, offers a mix of elegance and casualness. Celebrities and fashion shows around the world are opting for this eye-catching look, which is suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Preparation is everything

The key to the perfect wet hair look is preparation and choosing the right products. First, wash your hair thoroughly and leave it to dry with a towel. It is important that your hair is still damp to achieve the desired effect.

Special products are needed to style the wet hair look. A gel or styling cream with a shine effect is essential. These products not only create the optically wet look, but also provide the necessary hold. A small amount is evenly distributed throughout the hair, making sure that the product is worked from the roots to the tips.

Styling methods: straight or curly

The wet hair look can be styled in different ways. For a sleek and elegant look, the hair is combed back close to the head. A fine-toothed comb helps to achieve a smooth surface. Singer Dua Lipa (28) is one of those who shows what the end result can look like.

Alternatively, the hair can be styled like model Leni Klum (20). You can work with narrow clips if necessary.

If you have naturally wavy or even curly hair, you can style beach waves instead. To do this, use hair gel for the roots and curl cream for the lengths. Put this in the palms of your hands, rub it in and knead it into the ends of your hair. If necessary, use a curling iron – but be careful not to damage the ends further.

The clear advantage of the wet hair look: the face is free of annoying strands of hair, which is especially beneficial on hot summer days.

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