Perón’s hands: a mystery that remains unsolved

Perón’s hands: a mystery that remains unsolved
Perón’s hands: a mystery that remains unsolved

For the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the political leader and founder of Justicialism, Flow released a four-episode miniseries about the desecration of his vault in 1987.

Several films and miniseries have been made about General Perón, whose death is 50 years old today. Of particular note, “John and Eve”of Paula de Luque2011, with Osmar Nunez and Julieta Diazstory of the initial romance, and “Iron door”, of Victor Laplace and Dieguillo Fernandez2013, evocation of the days before the first return from Madrid, with the artist himself Laplacewho by then was approaching the age that the general was at that time.

A separate paragraph, the lyrical-documentary miniseries in four chapters “Perón, Symphony of a Feeling” by Leonardo Favio1999. It had been commissioned Duhalde many years before, but the poet took his time.

Now, for this anniversary, Flow presents Another four-chapter miniseries, documentary, but not at all lyrical: “Hermes lai and the 13. The theft of Perón’s hands”of Juan Fernandez Gebaer and Laura Duran. Severe review of One of the strangest, darkest and most morbid events in Argentine history, which occurred in June 1987, the work compiles abundant archival materialsummarizes with key images some important sections of national events, and exposes the varied testimonies of more than thirty people who participated in the police and judicial investigations, as well as in the different political and journalistic perspectives.

From Alejandro R. Peronthe leader’s great-nephew, showing the inside of the vault in Chacarita (a vault that was just 20 meters from the cemetery administration), Augustin Far Suauson of the judge in charge of the case, who mysteriously died a few months after the investigation began (and he was not the only one who died unexpectedly), the court clerks, Atilio NeiraIsabel’s lawyer, Antonio Las Herasa scholar of esoteric matters, and many other co-protagonists of that time, including the historian Luis Alberto Romero and Damian Nabotco-author of the book “Perón, the second death”which provides a recording of a conversation with the shadowy Licio Gelli, each gives his testimony and suggests an explanation.

Were the desecrators simply “unemployed labor”? But who, and in whose service? Destabilizers of democracy? Denigraters of the figure of Perón and the Justicialist Party? False collectors of a secret debt with possible masons, or with mobsters? Perhaps they already know this at the Central Intelligence Agency, aka the CIA? where there are apparently some reports that still have no date to be declassified and distributed?

One of those who testified speaks with his face and name hidden. A retired Federal Inspector, he prefers to remain anonymous. This can be suspected as a resource to unite certain unconfirmed theories, but it can also be assumed as a faithful and true testimony.No matter how many years have passed, sometimes presenting one’s name and surname to clarify things is still a danger, and an attractive mystery.

Direction and executive production, Juan Fernandez Gebauera graduate of Enerc, and Laura Duranboth also co-writers with John Bordon. Assembly, Ignacio Ragone. Music, very appropriate, Ramiro Jota Bochatay. Production, Renacer Audiovisual, with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Nation (from other times).

Source: Ambito

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