Jamie Foxx spoke about his serious health problem: “I was out for 20 days”

Jamie Foxx spoke about his serious health problem: “I was out for 20 days”
Jamie Foxx spoke about his serious health problem: “I was out for 20 days”

Jamie Foxx gave the first brief details about the medical emergency that left him hospitalized last year.

No official cause has ever been revealed for the incident, though the Oscar-winning actor recently appeared in a video telling a group in Phoenix, Arizona, that his emergency began with a “bad headache” in April 2023.

“I asked my son for an Advil,” Foxx said, then snapped his fingers.I was absent for 20 days. I don’t remember anything.. Then they told me that he was in Atlanta. My sister and my daughter took me to the first doctor. They gave me a cortisone shot.”

Foxx said doctors eventually told him “something was going on up there,” pointing to his head. But he added: “I won’t say it on camera.”

What Jamie Foxx’s days in hospital were like

Foxx’s daughter Corrine announced Jamie’s hospitalization on Instagram in a post published on April 12, 2023. At the time, she wrote, “We wanted to share that my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday. Thankfully, thanks to quick action and excellent care, he is now on the mend. We know how loved he is and appreciate your prayers. The family asks for privacy during this time.”

At the time of his hospitalization, Foxx was in Atlanta filming the action comedy Netflix “Back in Action” next to Cameron Diaz. Production on the film, which is set to air later this year, continued during Foxx’s hospitalization. The actor was also temporarily replaced as host of the game show Fox “Beat Shazam” while recovering from the emergency.

Though he has never revealed specific details about the emergency, Foxx took to social media last summer to tell his followers that “I went through something that I thought would never, ever happen,” adding, “I know a lot of people were waiting or wanting to hear updates, but to be honest with you, I just didn’t want you to see me like this. I want you to see me laughing, having a good time, partying, telling a joke, making a movie, a TV show. I didn’t want them to see me with tubes coming out of me and trying to figure out if I was going to make it through.”.

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