The ultimate tricks to keep your house warm in winter and save money

The ultimate tricks to keep your house warm in winter and save money
The ultimate tricks to keep your house warm in winter and save money

In the face of the cold weather that has arrived in Argentina, architects and interior designers shared several tips to keep the home warm.

Winter has come to every house and the temperatures forecast for this week show that the change of season will not go unnoticed. Faced with this panorama, some experts suggest How to deal with the cold and maintain the warm temperature inside the house, with practical and economic advice.

Interior and construction experts say that every space in the home has its tricks and that if you know how, you can get a lot out of them. This helps to keep the heat in, to learn how to cover some corners so the cold doesn’t get in, and how to make the most of natural light to heat the house.


How to keep your house warm in winter

To keep the house warm it is important to understand several things. On the one hand, there are specific materials that guarantee efficient thermal insulation for the home, such as glass wool, expanded polystyrene and polyurethane. With a Good thermal insulation can save up to 35% in total energy consumption and up to 70% off electricity and gas bills used to heat a home.

Interior designer Fátima Bandeira, founder of FA interiores explains that It is important to absorb heat and maintain it through porous materials, since they retain high temperatures.

In addition, they recommend the use of high thermal mass materialssuch as concrete, brick or stone, in areas that receive direct sunlight, as these products store heat during the day and release it slowly at night.

It is also important to take into account the position of the house, as it is essential to achieve maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The best orientation is towards the north, as this way the house receives the most sunlight during the day.

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