“Beverly Hills: New harmony with her ex-husband

“Beverly Hills: New harmony with her ex-husband
“Beverly Hills: New harmony with her ex-husband

Twelve years after their divorce, Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli finally seem to be coming to terms with their patchwork life.

Jennie Garth (52) and Peter Facinelli (50) divorced in 2012 after eleven years of marriage. After a period of tension between the former dream couple, the signs are now pointing towards friendship, as the former “Beverly Hills, 90210” actress revealed in her podcast “I Choose Me”. “Guys, we’re officially friends now,” said Garth, while raving about how well she and Facinelli have been getting along since their podcast episode on June 11. At the time, the ex-couple had spoken openly about their divorce. “He even unblocked me on Instagram.”

“This is big news”

Apparently an important signal for the actress: “I was blocked on his social networks for so long that I stopped caring years ago. But now I’m unblocked, guys. This is big news.”

Jennie Garth also spoke about how the former couple are now spending more time together again. This also connects the patchwork family, which includes their three daughters Luca (27), Lola (21) and Fiona (17) as well as Facinelli’s one-year-old son Jack. He had the boy with his fiancée, actress Lily Anne Harrison (35). Her ex-husband even lent her a cooler for the weekend and let her try on his guest room. And the 52-year-old may soon even be there for an important event: “He invited me to the christening of his son Jack. And this week, get ready – we’re all going on a boat together with the whole family.” Then she added jokingly: “Whether we push each other overboard remains to be seen.”

He finds patchwork “incredible happiness”

Garth and Facinelli married in 2001, five years after they met on the set of the TV movie “Blond is the Vengeance”. Eleven years later, in March 2012, Facinelli filed for divorce three months after the couple separated. “It’s devastating,” the actress said in an interview with US magazine “People” at the time. She tried so hard to save her marriage. At the time, she was at a loss: “I have no idea what my future will look like, because before I had something I could count on.”

The separation brought with it some problems – such as raising children together, sharing custody of the three children and getting to know the children with each other’s new partners. In the two-part podcast in June, however, “Twilight” star Facinelli tried to take a positive approach: “I don’t see this as a burden that they have to carry for the rest of their lives because of this divorce. I really see it like this: ‘Wow, they are incredibly lucky to have had these stepparents now who they got to know, who enriched their personalities, who helped them grow.'” Facinelli is not the only one who has entered into a new relationship after the divorce. Jennie Garth married actor Dave Abrams (43) in 2015.

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