Jana Azizi: Presenter quits RTL and emigrates

Jana Azizi: Presenter quits RTL and emigrates
Jana Azizi: Presenter quits RTL and emigrates

After about four years at RTL, Jana Azizi says goodbye and embarks on “the adventure of Mallorca” with her partner.

A new phase in life is beginning for Jana Azizi (35). The television presenter, who has worked for RTL for more than four years, is leaving the station. She has now announced this herself. Azizi is moving to Mallorca with her husband, Johann Ackermann (40).

Some explain in a clip: “In the last few weeks we have been preparing and planning our big step. We are moving to Mallorca!” The couple want to pack up camp in Germany and fulfill a lifelong dream. “Because we simply love this island, with all its facets.” For her husband, as a triathlon coach, there are “naturally perfect working conditions” there. The presenter’s fans can therefore be sure that there is a lot to come for them too. Azizi is not yet revealing what exactly.

Jana Azizi wants to put down roots in Mallorca with her Johann

“I’m now looking forward to everything that’s to come,” she writes, thanking the broadcaster. “It was a great time at RTL, and I’m so grateful for the many opportunities I had there to express myself as a presenter in so many different formats! And who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other again, but for now I’m looking forward to the Mallorca adventure and putting down roots there with Johann…”

Azizi moved to RTL in 2020. Since then, she has appeared there in various formats. A spokeswoman for the station explained to the daily newspaper: “Jana Azizi is a great presenter who has enriched various formats and especially ‘Explosiv’ with her likeable manner in recent years. We would like to thank her very much for this and wish Jana all the best for her professional and private future.” According to the report, Azizi reportedly wants to fly to Germany regularly for work.

Source: Stern

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