People: Nico Santos on fatherhood: “Everything’s been relaxed so far”

People: Nico Santos on fatherhood: “Everything’s been relaxed so far”
People: Nico Santos on fatherhood: “Everything’s been relaxed so far”

The singer had announced that he would become a father for the first time this year. Now he spoke about his new life in an interview.

Singer-songwriter Nico Santos spoke about fatherhood in an interview with RTL. “So far everything is still very relaxed,” said the 31-year-old when asked whether fatherhood had changed his work. Presenter Susanne Böhm said she had heard that the musician generally only sleeps three to four hours.

“My sleeping had improved a little bit recently,” said Santos. “And I have to be honest: Since I have a family or started a family, my sleeping has actually been going very, very well.”

Santos announced in October 2023 that he would be a father. “We are expecting a new addition to the family,” the 30-year-old wrote on Instagram. He and his wife Aileen would have liked to keep the news to themselves. “But many had already heard about it from other media that got there before us.”

Santos told the German Press Agency in December that he wanted to slow down a bit in the coming months: “I’m definitely going to take a little break, but of course something musically is going to happen to me in the new year.” He postponed his planned tour from spring to autumn.

Nico Santos is the son of actor Egon Wellenbrink. He grew up on the Spanish island of Mallorca. He released his first album “Streets of Gold” in 2018. Two years later, another album bearing the artist’s name followed. His latest album “Ride”, which was released in May, reflects the lows of the past few years, but also many highs – for example, his wedding to his wife Aileen.

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