Walter Plathe: The TV star almost died

Shocking news from Walter Plathe: The “Landarzt” actor reveals in a new interview that he was in a coma for six weeks.

It was quiet for a long time about the former ZDF “country doctor” Walter Plathe (73). Now the actor has revealed the reason for his time off. “I wasn’t feeling well at all,” he said in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”. Two years ago he suffered a “complete breakdown” and was “in a coma for six weeks.”

“I had to relearn everything, really everything”

“I looked death in the eye for a little longer,” remembers Plathe. “After the clinic, I spent six months in rehab. I had to relearn everything, really everything, even how to speak. I couldn’t walk, nothing.” It was a “very hard road” for him. The actor can no longer remember the time in the coma. “Luckily, I’m sitting here again today. I can do everything I want again and even work,” says Plathe proudly, who was recently in front of the camera for a new “Usedom crime thriller.” However, he does not want to reveal any further details about his “breakdown.”

Walter Plathe longs for “security”

The actor is currently “really very happy”. Now he is still missing a new partner in his life. Plathe was married twice, from 1999 to 2008 to his acting colleague Victoria Sturm (51). In his autobiography “I left nothing out” in 2017, he made his bisexuality public.

Now he wants “security”, whether from a man or a woman is irrelevant to the actor: “Both are possible.” But “as you get older, you are happy when you don’t just have to talk to a chandelier.”

New “Usedom crime thriller” coming in autumn

Walter Plathe is still best known for his role as Dr. Ulrich Teschner in the ZDF series “Der Landarzt”, which he played from 1992 to 2009. Most recently, he appeared in “Das Traumschiff” (2014) and “Der Usedom-Krimi -Strandgut” (2019), among others. The latter format is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with a new film in which Plathe is once again taking on a role. His son Janek is the production manager, and the film will be broadcast on television in the fall.

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