The town with the best winter cabins for a getaway near CABA

The town with the best winter cabins for a getaway near CABA
The town with the best winter cabins for a getaway near CABA

Nature, religious tourism, shopping complexes, restaurants and its extensive lagoon: this place offers it all.


More and more people choose this quiet town to relax on their holidays.. In addition, its close distance from its neighbour Mar del Plata makes it an ideal destination for a getaway from the coast. Let’s see, then, what to see and what to do in Sierra de los Padres.

What activities can I do in Sierra de los Padres?

The Laguna de los Padreslocated within a forest reserve and with a total area of ​​687 hectares, is an excellent option for a picnic, enjoy its vegetation and admire the different species of animals in its natural habitat. In addition, the lagoon is perfect for water activities: touring it in some boats, rowing, canoeing, windsurfing and sport fishing.

You can also visit monuments or historical sites. The José Hernández Municipal Museumlocated on the site that was once the hull of the first ranch in the area and the place where the Argentine poet, politician, journalist and military man who created the “Martín Fierro”, José Hernández, spent several years of his childhood. This space is dedicated to rural life and the maintenance of Argentine traditions and is a significant refuge in Sierra de los Padres.

Another site with memory is lto the Chapel Reduction of Our Lady of Pilar, which pays homage to the first Jesuit settlement for evangelization in the area around 1746. The current construction, however, is a replica of the original.

The shopping centre offers a wide variety of craft shops and shopping malls. The Paseo de la Cumbre, a kind of open-air shopping gallery, is a nice place to visit as it has a viewing platform with beautiful views.

The Grotto of the Handkerchiefs It is an unmissable walk because it has become a very peculiar place of pilgrimage where devotees leave as an offering colored handkerchiefs that, tied together, pay homage to the Virgin of Luján.

How did this tradition come about? Locals say that around 1948, an Italian immigrant couple who could not conceive approached the grotto and in one of its holes, they placed an image of the Virgin of Luján, asked her to fulfill their wish of becoming parents and tied two handkerchiefs as an unbreakable sign of their faith.

Four months after this offering, and after confirming that the miracle had happened, the couple returned to the grotto to thank the Virgin. Thus, the story became popular and little by little, other visitors began to come to make their wishes and leave new colored handkerchiefs. Admission to the Gruta de los Pañuelos is free and there is a parking area nearby.

How to get to Sierra de los Padres from CABA

To get there from Capital Federal, take Highway 2 to the Mar del Plata exit. Then, continue on Route 226 to Sierra de los Padres. The trip takes approximately 4 hours.

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