Amira Pocher and Christian Düren: This is how the “test” as a bonus dad went

Amira Pocher and Christian Düren celebrate their debut as a couple at the Marc Cain show. The 31-year-old gives insights into everyday life as a patchwork couple.

This is what everyone has been waiting for: Amira Pocher (31) is appearing for the first time with her partner Christian Düren (34). The two celebrated their debut as a couple at the show of the German fashion label Marc Cain as part of Berlin Fashion Week. While the “taff” presenter deliberately stayed in the background, the still-wife of Oliver Pocher (46) chatted openly about her new relationship.

Düren has long since passed the “test” as a bonus dad to her two sons. “If it hadn’t worked out here, it would have been difficult for the relationship,” admits the TV star. Even on the first holiday together, everything remained relaxed in the patchwork structure with the two boys, says the presenter.

Family planning not completed

The 31-year-old has not ruled out having more children in the future. Even though she stopped taking the pill primarily for health reasons, she is still thinking about having two or three more children. But she doesn’t feel any pressure: “I’m still young!”

With her ex-partner Pocher, who still lives nearby, everything is now running smoothly. “While the proximity was not ideal for me at the beginning, I now really enjoy the fact that the children can switch between us spontaneously and easily, and always have access to both parents – sometimes just for an hour.” The specific holiday plans are still pending, but “we divide everything up fairly,” says Amira.

The celebrities are in football fever

The second big topic of the evening was the European Football Championship. Actress Bettina Zimmermann (49), who came to the event with her partner, actor Kai Wiesinger (58), surprised everyone with her expert knowledge: “You can see that a young generation is being introduced to the German team,” which still has to get into the game, said Zimmermann. When asked whether she was rooting for the German team, the actress replied almost indignantly: “Of course!”

German actress Jessica Schwarz (47) is also keeping her fingers crossed for the German team. Schwarz, who runs a glamping hotel near Lisbon with her partner, also comes out as a “Ronaldo fan”. The 47-year-old also sees a chance of winning with the Portuguese team. Schwarz flew back to the Atlantic coast the very next day to help out there during the summer season.

Actress Nilam Farooq (34), on the other hand, has not yet caught the European Championship spark, but she is happy about the mood in the country. “Let’s be honest: the scarves and necklaces are actually rather ugly, but people wear them and are proud. I think that’s very sweet!” Her tip for the European Championship title: Spain! “I really like the culture and the language and I’m probably not completely objective.”

The international guests at the event included the British-Danish actress and “Bridgerton” actress Jessica Madsen (32) and the US actress and now investor in a German start-up, Kelly Rutherford (55). They watched the catwalk show by Marc Cain under the arcades in front of the Prussian palace Neues Palais in Potsdam, which, together with Sanssouci Palace and other buildings, is a German UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Source: Stern

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