New season of “Beauty & The Nerd”: start date is set

New season of “Beauty & The Nerd”: start date is set
New season of “Beauty & The Nerd”: start date is set

The fifth season of “Beauty & The Nerd” is coming this summer. ProSieben will show the new episodes from August 15th.

“Beauty & The Nerd” is entering a new round. As ProSieben announced on Wednesday, the fifth season of the dating show will start on August 15th. The six episodes will be broadcast every Thursday at 8:15 p.m. on linear television and are also available on the streaming platform Joyn.

As in previous seasons, the new episodes of “Beauty & The Nerd” will again pair eight “nerds” with eight “beautys”. The duos will compete against each other in challenges on Koh Samui and fight to win 50,000 euros in prize money. The central question is: “How do self-confident beauties and reserved loners benefit from each other?”

Participants still unknown

It is not yet known which beauties will take part in the format this year. Most of them are reality stars who have already appeared in other formats. In the fourth season, the “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” candidates Walentina Doronina (24) and Chris Broy (35) as well as the “Love Island” singles Natascha Beil (34) and Jules (27) were part of the cast.

This year’s Neds are also still unknown. But the press release already gives a taste of their hobbies. “Rollercoaster nerd, craft nerd, film nerd, trading card nerd, IT nerd, medieval nerd, science nerd and shipping nerd” are among them.

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