Roger Waters once again attacked Israel and had a peculiar response during an interview

Roger Waters once again attacked Israel and had a peculiar response during an interview
Roger Waters once again attacked Israel and had a peculiar response during an interview

Roger Waters He is not a musician who avoids controversial statements. Once again, the founder of Pink Floyd referred to the armed conflict that is taking place in Gaza Strip and strongly accused the Israeli authorities of “spread dirty and disgusting lies“.

In addition, the iconic artist said he refused to rate Hamas as a terrorist organization. “The people fighting for the liberation of Palestine have the legal and moral right to fight against the oppressor.“, he said.

Roger Waters’ remarks on the war in Gaza

Waters was present on the program “Piers Morgan Uncensored” where he expressed his opinion on the armed conflict in Gaza Strip without any qualms. The British musician made these statements on Tuesday, the same day that Israel bombed the Gaza Strip after issuing evacuation orders which caused thousands of inhabitants to escape from various sectors of the southern Palestinian territory.

During the program, the 80-year-old musician denied the United Nations report from the beginning of this year. He claims that on October 7 – the day of the Hamas attack on Israeli territory – members of the group carried out “sexualized torture”.

Faced with the British man’s refusal, the interviewer insisted on what was stated in the UN report which confirms that women were sexually abused that day. But the musician doubled down and denied the accusations: “No, that didn’t happen. There is no evidence. You can say what you want, but there is no evidence.””.

This was one of the most heated points of the discussion, which generated some strange behavior from the musician, which surprised everyone. Waters tried to calm down after the discussion, talking to himself, a somewhat unusual behavior to do on television: “Roger, Roger, calm down. Don’t stoop to his level. Okay, I won’t. Stop yelling. Stop yelling at him. Let him interrupt you as much as he wants.”the musician said to himself.

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The singer also questioned the level of Israeli response to last year’s attack. “There is a lot of talk about whether Israel has the right to defend itself, and what I wonder is why it didn’t defend itself that morning. Why did they take seven hours before they started machine-gunning everyone?“the musician asked himself.

Beyond this, Waters also claimed that Israel attacked its own civilians that day, calling his statements true.irrefutable”. “All those piles of cars were destroyed by Apache missiles from helicopters… Hamas had no helicopters“, he argued.

At times, the musician raised the need to perform a “real” and “current” investigation about what happened on October 7“Beyond the very good AlJazeera documentary that we all saw, there is the great work that Grayzone did to debunk all the disgusting lies that the Israelis told after that day about burned babies and raped women,” he noted.

Roger Waters vs Israel: a conflict with precedents

It is not the first time that Roger Waters speaks out against the role of the State of Israel in the bombing and war in the Gaza StripIn January of this year the artist was fired from the company BMGone of the largest record labels in the world, due to statements he made about Ukraine, Israel and the United States.

Roger Waters in Argentina

The artist appeared on November 22 and 23 amid complaints from the DAIA.

The statements to which the company referred date back to October 7 of last year, when Waters cast doubt on the terrorist massacre and justified Hamas’ actions. After the attack, the musician raised the possibility that everything had actually been a big set-up: “The world doesn’t know what really happened,” he said, and he didn’t rule out that it could be a “false flag operation“.

But the artist did not stop there: “It is very suspicious that they did not hear any sound from the explosions. Israel exaggerated the magnitude of what happened by inventing stories about the decapitation of babies,” he added. And then the musician assured that “we do not know if we will ever know much of the real story. It is always difficult to know what really happened.

The company, based in Germany, had signed a contract with the musician in 2016 and planned to release a new version of the historic album. ”The Dark Side of the Moon”from 1973 by Pink Floyd. However, that album was released via Cooking Vinyl in the United Kingdom.

On his tour in Argentina, prior to what happened with BMG, Waters referred to the criticism directed against him for his statements: “The easiest thing to do is to point to me as an anti-Semite, and that’s because they have no moral compass, they can’t have a solid argument from the Israeli side of the issue. They’re committing murder, they’re committing genocide, they’re oppressing another people.”

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