Kevin Spacey: He receives lifetime achievement award in Italy

Kevin Spacey: He receives lifetime achievement award in Italy
Kevin Spacey: He receives lifetime achievement award in Italy

Controversial decision in Italy: Kevin Spacey is honored for his life’s work. He is expected in Sicily in July.

In Hollywood, Kevin Spacey (64) has not yet been able to get back on his feet after the massive allegations of sexual assault combined with two court cases. In Italy, where he has already appeared in film productions again, things are different. Now the two-time Oscar winner is even being presented with a lifetime achievement award. , Spacey will be honored with the award on July 21 in the Teatro Antico in Taormina, Sicily. According to the report, this has nothing to do with the well-known Taormina Film Festival, which takes place at the same location from July 13 to 19.

The award is the so-called Nations Award, which is organized by the Senate of the Italian Republic and the Region of Sicily. Previous winners include the French actor Gerad Depardieu (75), the US director Abel Ferrara (72) and the Italian film diva Claudia Cardinale (86). In a statement from the organizers, Spacey is said to be a “timeless monument” who “undoubtedly deserves” to continue his career. The public and the film industry miss his “boundless talent”.

Kevin Spacey admitted crossing boundaries

After numerous accusations, Spacey was found not guilty in a civil case in the USA and a criminal case in Great Britain. Several men accused him of sexual assault. In an interview with British presenter Piers Morgan (59) on his talk show in mid-June, Kevin Spacey admitted that he had overstepped boundaries. He took responsibility for the things that had happened. He also announced that he was now bankrupt. His house had been auctioned off. He did not yet know where he would live in the future.

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