The town of Chubut that hides one of the most beautiful natural reserves in the country, ideal for visiting

What to do and how to get to Cushamen, the small town in Patagonia, located northwest of Chubut.

Cushamen, a natural paradise in Chubut

Argentine Patagonia is characterized by its picturesque and paradisiacal landscapes and its little-known towns. Most of them have in common nature, lakes, and mountains that make anyone who chooses to visit them fall in love at any time of the year. This destination dazzles anyone with its tranquility and beauty.

Is about Cushamen, northwest of Chubut, which is located in the area of ​​western mountains and plateaus. Its name means “broken” in Tehuelche. and nearby is the Colonia Pastoril Cushamen, which is one of the reserves of indigenous peoples near El Maitén.

What activities can I do in Cushamen, Chubut?

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Formed by approximately 50 families of Mapuche Tehuelche origin, The Cushamen Pastoral Colony is a local attraction that cannot be missed.given that its tradition and culture decorate much of Patagonia with local crafts made of wool, braids and pottery.

In addition to having an interesting museum, Cushamen is home to “El Saltillo”which is a basaltic rock canyon with tubular formations, in which the Chico River plummets from a height of 20 meters into an immense basin that, like an eye of the earth pointing to the sky, opens into the immensity of the Patagonian steppe.

How to get to Cushamen, Chubut

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To get there from Buenos Aires, take Route 3 to La Pampa. Then, take Route 22 to Rio Negro. Return to Route 3 until you reach Provincial Route No. 4 in Chubut.

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