Robert Andrich: National player now wears his hair in pink

Robert Andrich: National player now wears his hair in pink
Robert Andrich: National player now wears his hair in pink

Robert Andrich is ready for the quarter-final against Spain – including a new hair color. The national player has dyed his hair pink.

The German national team is getting ready for the European Championship quarter-final against Spain on Friday (5 July). Many fans will be cheering in the stands in their pink and purple away jerseys. The DFB team will be wearing their white home jerseys for the match, but a splash of pink has already been added: midfielder Robert Andrich (29) has dyed his hair neon pink, instead of platinum blonde.

Does pink hair bring good luck?

At the final training session of national coach Julian Nagelsmann’s (36) squad at the DFB headquarters in Herzogenaurach on Thursday, Andrich clearly stood out with his new hair color. The 29-year-old Leverkusen player had already surprised everyone with platinum blonde hair for the round of 16 match against Denmark last week, and he still wore his natural hair color in the group phase.

Will the German team’s pink hair bring them luck in their match against Spain on Friday? The match in Stuttgart will likely be the team’s toughest yet. The game will be broadcast live from 6 p.m. on Das Erste and MagentaTV.

This is the hairdresser of the DFB team

It is not known whether the footballer used the dye himself or whether he had professional help. The official hairdresser of the DFB team is Mustafa “Musti” Mostafa. According to media reports, the star hairdresser from Essen lives with the squad in the base camp in Herzogenaurach and does the players’ hair.

However, the DFB stars are only allowed to go to the hairdresser’s chair up to two days before a game, after which their full attention should be focused on training. During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, players are said to have secretly ordered a hairdresser to come to their hotel, which caused a stir. Now there will be no more secrets about the visits to the hairdresser during the tournament.

Source: Stern

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