Grand finale at the Meggenhofen Theater

Grand finale at the Meggenhofen Theater
Grand finale at the Meggenhofen Theater

Since the actor and cabaret artist Fritz Egger Since he took over the artistic direction of the theater in Meggenhofen in the Hausruckviertel in 2019, the characteristic Kircheckerhof is filled with strong artistic content. The current season with the successful in-house production of Ferdinand Raimund’s magical fairy tale “The Alpine King and the Misanthrope” directed by Martin Leutgeb runs until July 14th (remaining tickets available at the box office).

On Sunday (7 July) the two Burgtheater pillars will present Marie-Luise Stockinger and Michael Maertens a so-called “text battle”, as the two described the literary important evening of Kurt Tucholsky until Christine Noestlingerfrom Stefanie Sargnagel until Joachim Ringelnatz and from Erich Kaestner until Agota Kristof Marie-Luise Stockinger’s brother Xaver will accompany the two on guitar.

On July 11, the musical heart-openers and overcomers of cultural boundaries of the Mühlviertler Kombo ALPKAN (current album: “Hoas is!”) as a guest. Their hits are compositions of humor, irony, tragic reality and musical influences from the Balkans to the Alps – with this great mix of dirty and virtuoso, the result is an entertaining artistic speed that is unparalleled.

The concert will be regionally based and cheerfully commented on during the interval with reading sequences by artistic director Fritz Egger. He does this in the literary, refined dialect of the Innviertel poet and popular educator Hans Kumpfmüller. Sample? Please: Be a staunch believer and then ride my bike.

Theater Meggenhofeninformation and maps: www.theatermeggenhofen.at

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