Friendly national black comedy of old people against mobsters

Friendly national black comedy of old people against mobsters
Friendly national black comedy of old people against mobsters

“Los Justos”, where advertising director Martín Piñeiro makes his debut, has a cast with figures such as Arturo Puig, Claudia Lapacó, Claudio Rissi and Muriel Santa Ana.

When was it filmed? “The Righteous”between September and October 2021 –coming out of the pandemic–, Arturo Puig He was 77 years old, Claudio Rissi 65 and Claudia Lapacóin the film, his character claims to be over 80. He doesn’t look it. They headline this friendly, late-release comedy, which begins with the tango “One”of Discepoloin the voice of Julio Sosaand ends with “My love”, of Juan Tobalin the voice of Arturo Puig as the end credits roll. Two good performances, as you can see.

In between there are other musical themes, from other people, a bit of black humor, another bit of intrigue and suspense, and a A funny confrontation between the old people of a nursing home and the mobsters of a group that is dedicated to money launderingBut before that fight two fundamental events happen.

A depressed octogenarian who visits his wife’s grave in the middle of the night improves greatly when he encounters new challenges, and an “older” lady who loves detective novels discovers how to rob thieves thanks to a program on ancient history and literature, and thanks to, most of all, her well-maintained brain.

Feature film debut of Martin Pineiroa director of advertising films who in this case luckily avoided the artifices of advertising films. The script, on the other hand, has some holes that could have been fixed. The rest of the cast is not used very well either, but nobody is perfect. In the cast, Muriel Santa Anathe daughter who deposits the depressed man in the asylum, Mirta Wons, Luz Palazonthose in charge of the asylum, Gaston Cocchiaralethe undertaker, Luis Ziembrowskithe villain.

“The Righteous” (Argentina, 2021); Dir.: Martin Pineiro; Int.: Arturo Puig, Claudio Rissi, Claudia Lapacó.

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