Netflix: The shocking 90-minute film about witchcraft and the Catholic Church that will leave you breathless

The High Middle Ages had historically known facts that continue to surprise humanity after 500 years.

This Netflix movieis set in a time where beliefs and religion predominated, and social and territorial organization gave rise to historical events comparable to the most captivating fiction. Coven It knows how to bring together the characteristics of the Middle Ages and tell a story that focuses on the witch hunt carried out by the Holy Inquisition of the Catholic Church.

The director and script of the film is by the Argentine Pablo Agüero, and the film has a duration of just 90 minutesThe producers are Koldo Zuazua and Iker Zanuza, together with the production company Sorkin Films. The audiovisual production has been available on the leading streaming platform, Netflix, since 2021.


Promotional banner for the Netflix movie, Akelarre.

Promotional banner for the Netflix movie, Akelarre.

What is Akelarre, a Netflix movie, about?

As we mentioned before, it focuses on the Holy Inquisition, the name given by the Catholic Church to the witch hunt that it carried out from the 17th century onwards to catch and condemn to death women who, according to its subjective beliefs, were considered witches. It takes place in the Basque Country, during the year 1609.

The protagonist is Ana, a 20-year-old girl, is arrested after attending a night party, accused of witchcraft by Judge Pierre de Lancre, one of the most renowned judges of that time. Victim of a judicial system that does not allow her to defend herself, she will do everything she can to avoid suffering the fate suffered by women declared witches.

Trailer for Akelarre, a Netflix movie

Embed – Akelarre | Official Trailer | Avalon

Cast of Akelarre, Netflix movie

  • Amaia Aberasturi (Ana)
  • Garazi Urkola (Katalin)
  • Jone Laspiu (Maider)
  • Alex Brendemühl (Rostegui)
  • Daniel Fanego (Doradca)
  • Yune Nogueiras (Maria)

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