These are the 5 ideal dog breeds to have at home

These are the 5 ideal dog breeds to have at home
These are the 5 ideal dog breeds to have at home

Experts recommend these five dog breeds for first-time pet owners.

The dogs They are considered man’s best friend, and are established as the most popular pet to have in Argentine families. Due to their loving and playful nature, they are excellent company and many consider them important members of the family. In addition, it has been proven that having a furry companion in the home is good for mental and physical health.

However, there are certain races of dogs that are known to have more affinity with humans, and experts recommend them for families or homes with children.

The friendliest dogs

English Greyhound



The Greyhound, although not known for its affectionate appearance at first glance, is a dog choice that stands out for its gentleness.

Border Terrier

border terrier.jpg

In addition to their ideal size for small homes, these dogs are known for their affection and ability to form deep bonds with people.

Hungarian Vizsla

hungarian vizsla.jpg

This dog is extremely sweet and caring, making it ideal for being with children. However, you should look for responsible breeders who take care of the puppies’ health.

Labrador Retriever


This dog is known for its friendly nature and adaptability as a family pet. They are playful and very cuddly.




Despite the lack of predictability in their appearance and temperament, these dogs are often more resistant to hereditary diseases due to their varied genetic background. Experts encourage people to consider adopting a mixed breed as a valid and responsible option, as it provides the opportunity to find a loyal and healthy companion.

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