Monarch on tour: Danish King Frederik declares his love for Greenland

In the northernmost part of his kingdom, Frederik talks about the special place that Greenland holds in his heart. Mary has a moment of shock.

Denmark’s King Frederik X (56) has taken Greenland very close to his heart. “Can you lose your heart to a people and a country?” asked the monarch during a trip to Greenland at a gala dinner in the capital Nuuk – and then said: “Yes, I can confirm that. Greenland has a very special meaning for my family and for me.”

Experiences from previous trips to Greenland, including a month-long sled dog expedition, had also prepared him for his time as king, Frederik emphasized according to the speech manuscript. “Part of the preparation took place in the fjord off Nuuk. Part of the preparation took place on a dog sled in northern Greenland. Part of the preparation took place when I lost my heart to Greenland and the Greenlanders,” said the monarch, who ascended the throne in January 2024 after the voluntary abdication of his mother Queen Margrethe II (84).

Moment of shock for Mary

Greenland is largely autonomous, but officially belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark. Frederik, his wife Queen Mary (52) and two of their four children, the twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine (both 13), have been guests there for almost a week. To conclude the visit, appointments are planned on Saturday in Narsaq and Qassiarsuk in the south of the largest island in the world.

Despite all the solidarity, the royal family also experienced a brief moment of shock in Nuuk: A video published by the tabloid newspaper “Ekstra Bladet” shows how a man in an electric wheelchair suddenly drives into Mary’s side in a crowd. The queen stopped and was unharmed in the slight collision, as was the driver, the Danish court told the newspaper.

Source: Stern

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