Ilka Bessin on her childhood: “Daddy is coming now and there will be a beating”

Ilka Bessin on her childhood: “Daddy is coming now and there will be a beating”
Ilka Bessin on her childhood: “Daddy is coming now and there will be a beating”

If Ilka Bessin behaved badly as a child, it led to harsh reactions from her father. Beatings were part of Bessin’s everyday life, as the comedian now explains in an interview.

It was a very different upbringing than what we are used to today, says Ilka Bessin in a new interview with the talk show “deep and clear”. As a child, the comedian regularly experienced violence from her father. “I had a nice but very strict childhood, which was characterized by getting a slap on the bottom every now and then,” she explains.

Ilka Bessin was beaten in her childhood

“If you did something and you knew that Dad was coming home and you were going to get beaten up, then the atmosphere was tense. It had happened a lot before,” reveals the comedian, who became famous as “Cindy from Marzahn.” And she remembers a specific example of a prank that led to harsh consequences. “I once stole money from my mother’s wallet, went to the ice cream parlor and invited everyone over. The neighbor had seen me. Of course I got beaten up for it. Not because I stole, but because I lied,” says Bessin.

Bessin also reveals that her parents apologized for the violence years later. She has forgiven them. Bessin also gives an insight into her inner life before she conquered the stage as “Cindy from Marzahn.” She was unemployed for a long time – and that had psychological consequences. “Suddenly two weeks turn into two years. Then you give up. You are no longer respected as much as you would like. You feel a little ashamed. It was a difficult time back then. Because I didn’t know what I was actually going to do,” she explains.

Success made her a diva

As the gruff Cindy, Bessin won the hearts of her fans from the beginning of the 2000s. But her high point didn’t only have positive consequences. She herself went through a change. “I said something to a costume designer during a production. Then she cried. The production manager wrote me that evening, ‘Behave yourself a bit.’ I still have the message. When I read it, I think about how awesome you really are and what that does to you,” Bessin admits on “deep and clear”.

Bessin also addresses the end of her “Cindy from Marzahn” time in the program, which can be viewed in the ARD media library.

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