Robbie Williams: Did Beyoncé flirt with him?

Robbie Williams: Did Beyoncé flirt with him?
Robbie Williams: Did Beyoncé flirt with him?

Beyoncé’s charm apparently didn’t work on Robbie Williams. The singer allegedly turned her down a few years ago.

This relationship would certainly have made headlines: Robbie Williams (50) is said to have rejected pop icon Beyoncé (42), of all people. Guy Chambers (61) revealed this in the podcast “I Never Thought It Would Happen”. In a conversation with podcast host Chris Difford (69), Williams’ long-time songwriter revealed that the singer “flirted” with the Brit in 1998.

Pop stars met on TV show

The two reportedly met on the music show “Top Of The Pops”. Beyoncé was still part of the girl group Destiny’s Child at the time. “I remember Beyoncé,” he said of the American star. “She was incredibly young back then.” The “Angels” singer was about 24 years old at the time, whereas Beyoncé was 17 and not yet of legal age. For this reason, Williams apparently did not return the flirtation. “He said: ‘Oh, she’s too young. I’m not going to go along with that,'” Chambers reported.

Long since allocated elsewhere

Williams was known for not being a picky eater throughout his long career. To this day, Williams proudly talks about his numerous affairs. He recently revealed that he had slept with all five Spice Girls and was addicted to sex during that time.

Robbie Williams finally found happiness in love with Ayda Field (45), whom he married in 2010. In an interview with “Hello!” magazine, Field said that the two want to renew their wedding vows on their 15th anniversary in 2025. The couple have four children together. The biopic “Better Man” about Williams is due to be released in the USA in December this year. The international release is planned for January 17, 2025, according to “Deadline”.

Two years before him and his wife, Beyoncé and Jay-Z (54) tied the knot; they have three children together. The singer released her eighth studio album “Cowboy Carter” in March this year, a tribute to the history of country music.

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