Is your Smart TV running slow? Here are 5 tricks to make it run faster

Is your Smart TV running slow? Here are 5 tricks to make it run faster
Is your Smart TV running slow? Here are 5 tricks to make it run faster

If a Smart TV begins to carry out its functions more slowly There is no need to buy a new one. As with cell phones, this usually happens due to certain factors that may be affecting the usefulness of the television, whether it is a lack of update, lack of storage, that other actions are taking place in the background, among others.

Smart TVs allow you to do Tweaks and optimizations that can get them running at their intended speed again. There are simple settings changes and maintenance habits that will extend the life of your device. Here are 5 tricks.

These are tricks to make the Smart TV work faster

1. Update it

It is important to check that the television is updated to its latest version operating system. Updating the software can resolve performance issues resulting from system crashes or incompatibilities.

To do this you have to go to the Smart TV settings and look for the update. If it is not found, you have to consult the official page of the TV brand. If there is a version available, it can be perform manually following the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Restart it

Turn off and turn on again the device can be very useful. This is because the Smart TV can be carrying background processes Having other applications open can cause the TV to slow down due to the accumulation of actions.

3. Delete applications

Storage is also crucial for Smart TV. If you have a lot of apps or downloaded content, it is important uninstall what is not used and Delete files that are no longer needed. On both televisions and cell phones, you can clear the cache of all applications.

This action can make a big difference in the overall performance of the device.

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4. Disconnect devices

Having video game consoles, USB drives, SD cards and hard drives connected to the TV can slow down the TV by requiring time and resources to be read. If they are not being used, it is important disconnect them to free up resources and improve the speed of the Smart TV.

5. Reset Smart TV

If none of these options resolve the issue, it is recommended reset the TV to factory settings. This process erases all data and settings on the device, returning it to its original state, which may resolve more serious performance issues.

Resetting the TV can be an effective last resort if other measures have not worked, but in some cases, the problem can be deeper. If after these attempts the performance of your Smart TV does not improve, it is suggested contact the brand’s technical service.

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