Janni Hönscheid and Peer Kusmagk: They now live in Denmark

Janni Hönscheid and Peer Kusmagk: They now live in Denmark
Janni Hönscheid and Peer Kusmagk: They now live in Denmark

After moving several times, Janni Hönscheid and Peer Kusmagk found a new home in Denmark. There they bought a house in the countryside.

Former professional surfer Janni Hönscheid (33) and presenter Peer Kusmagk (49) have experienced many changes of scenery in their eight-year relationship. After some time in Berlin and Potsdam, they have lived in various accommodations on Mallorca since the end of 2021, but never really settled in on the Spanish island. Now they have bought a house in Denmark and moved in after a renovation. This marks the beginning of a new phase in life for the couple, who have three children.

At the beginning of the year, the family viewed several houses in the far north. In her Instagram story, however, Hönscheid announced at the time that the future was still unclear: “If we really find a house that appeals to us, it could happen relatively quickly. But even then, we haven’t decided whether it will just be a summer house and we’ll travel in the winter, or whether we’ll move here completely. Everything is open and we’re excited.”

She looked after the children, he renovated

The couple, known from TV, actually found a suitable property in the countryside. In recent months, Peer Kusmagk has spruced it up with the help of family and friends, replaced the floors, painted the walls, and installed a new balcony railing. A light-filled yoga room was created under the roof. Wife Janni regularly kept followers up to date. During this time, she looked after the three children on the island of Fehmarn and at other stopovers so that the former jungle king could prepare the family home in peace and as quickly as possible. In the meantime, she has also traveled to Denmark with the little ones and moved into the house a few days ago.

There are many more projects waiting to be carried out on the spacious property with a large garden and tall trees. Some sheep have just moved in, and a long fence now needs to be put up for them. An old spiral staircase that comes from their wedding venue in Heiligenhafen is also currently being restored.

The family no longer felt comfortable on Mallorca – not least because a mold problem had arisen in their apartment. The family had already moved several times on the island since emigrating in 2021 because the respective living situation did not suit them. At first they lived on a rented finca where there was no heating and the power often went out. Processionary caterpillars had also spread in the trees. They had also tried out various accommodations in Germany before, from a house with a garden to an 80-square-meter apartment. After Berlin and Potsdam, they then moved to Mallorca because surfer Hönscheid missed the proximity to the water in the cities. But now the family seems to have arrived. The 33-year-old announced on Instagram that she felt very comfortable in her own Danish home.

In 2016 they met on a reality show

The couple met in 2016 in the third season of the RTL nude show “Adam sucht Eva – Gestrandet im Paradies”. They got married a year later. Their son Emil Ocean was born in early August 2017, their daughter Yoko was born in July 2019, and their son Merlin followed in September 2021.

Source: Stern

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