Rod Stewart’s son Sean: After separation he is said to be dating Charlie Sheen’s ex

After separating from his wife, Rod Stewart’s eldest son Sean is said to already have a new girlfriend. She is no stranger…

Sean Stewart (43) and Jody Weintraub only got married at the beginning of 2023, but now the marriage is apparently already history. The fantasy author and eldest son of singer Rod Stewart (79) is said to already have a new girlfriend at his side.

Insider reports daily disputes

According to the British “Daily Mail”, the 43-year-old has been separated from his wife, daughter of film producer Jerry Weintraub, who died in 2015, for “several months”. The two have known each other since high school and married on Valentine’s Day 2023 at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas. “They were doing so well for a long time, but then things went haywire at the beginning of the year,” the newspaper quoted an insider as saying. “They realized they weren’t right for each other after they started arguing a lot about everyday things.”

Sean Stewart doesn’t seem to be crying too much over his still-wife, though. Apparently he already has a new girlfriend. According to reports, it is Julia Stambler (32). She made headlines in 2017 when her relationship with actor Charlie Sheen (58) became known. Stambler worked as a nanny for his twin sons Bob and Max.

Did he betray his new relationship?

Stewart and Stambler are said to have known each other for many years and have “got back in touch”. They spent the US Independence Day on July 4th together, as paparazzi photos show. The photographers spotted the two at a lunch in Los Angeles, where they exchanged kisses. They also confirmed their time together on their Instagram pages. “A very grown-up July 4th,” wrote the 43-year-old on several pictures, including a snapshot of Stambler. She, in turn, posted similar photos and an almost identical caption.

Sean Stewart comes from Rod Stewart’s first marriage. The musician was married to Alana Hamilton (79) from 1979 to 1984. The two have one daughter together, Kimberly (44). In total, Rod Stewart has eight children from five women.

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