After dispute over Dua Lipa’s villa: Green light for construction work

After dispute over Dua Lipa’s villa: Green light for construction work
After dispute over Dua Lipa’s villa: Green light for construction work

Since 2021, Dua Lipa has wanted to expand her London villa, but the permits were missing. Now she can probably realize her dreams after all.

Will Dua Lipa (28) soon finally be able to splash around in the pool of her dreams? In December 2021, the singer submitted plans to the London planning authority to expand her villa: she wanted to build an XXL spa area in the basement with a pool, steam bath, shower, relaxation room, cinema and music studio. But the large-scale renovation work brought the city administration and conservationists into action. After a three-year dispute, the musician’s plan is now being implemented after all.

Apparently, pictures of the property show that the villa has already been completely gutted. In addition, the ground has started to be torn up and digging has begun around the house. So Dua Lipa could still move in in the near future – she bought the house in north London in 2020 for around 8 million euros, but has never lived in it.

Strict regulations on nature and noise

As the newspaper reports, Dua Lipa was granted long-awaited approvals by the city council last March. However, she must adhere to strict conditions during the renovation. To counteract environmentalists’ complaints about the loss of green space, she must build a roof garden on the extension to create a new habitat for local wildlife.

In addition, the noise from the construction site must be reduced to a minimum and even be “at least ten decibels below the typical background noise level”. All construction machines must be equipped with “anti-vibration isolators” to protect against noise so as not to disturb the neighbors. Lipa even had to prove in an expert report that the machine room of her pool would not be louder than 28 decibels. This corresponds roughly to the sound of a quiet whisper (25 decibels).

“Plans for the house are epic”

An insider previously confirmed to The Sun that the project could finally begin. “Dua’s plans for her house are epic and after four years she has finally started looking for builders to start work,” he explained. The pop star is trying not to disturb any neighbors with the creation of her dream home. “Dua doesn’t want to cause any trouble and is looking forward to making her house a home,” the source said.

Source: Stern

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