Prince William: Lead role in new documentary about homelessness

Prince William: Lead role in new documentary about homelessness
Prince William: Lead role in new documentary about homelessness

In the fall, a multi-part documentary about Prince William’s organization against homelessness will be released – with him as the main character.

Prince William (42) wants to further publicize his commitment to fighting homelessness. In June 2023, he presented his new initiative “Homewards”. Its goal is to make homelessness in Great Britain “rare, brief and non-recurring”.

The British heir to the throne spent a year filming himself at work for “Homewards”. The two-part documentary “Prince William: We Can End Homelessness” will be released in the fall on the British TV channel ITV1.

“Incredibly moving stories”

“Over the past year, we have followed Prince William and the Royal Foundation through the first year of the ‘Homewards’ programme. We have heard some incredibly moving stories from people across the country who are affected by homelessness,” said Leo Burley, the BAFTA-winning director of the documentary. The two films would paint a comprehensive picture of homelessness in the UK and draw a lot of attention to the issue through Prince William’s prominence.

Fighting homelessness is Williams’s passion

Prince William has been committed to combating the homelessness crisis in his home country for decades. His mother Princess Diana (1961-1997) inspired him to get involved, as she took him and his brother Prince Harry (39) on visits to homeless shelters when they were children. She wanted to give her sons an insight into real life outside the royal bubble.

Prince William does the same with his own children today. In June 2023, he reported that he was entering into a dialogue with Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (9) and Prince Louis (6) about the issue of homelessness. “On the way to school, we talk about what we see. On the way back and forth [in London] we regularly saw people sitting in front of supermarkets,” he explained.

William thinks it is important that his children “grow up knowing that some of us are very lucky, that some of us need a helping hand, that some of us need to do more and help others to improve their lives.”

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