Amira Pocher has a new relationship – Sandy Meyer-Wölden speaks out

Amira Pocher has a new relationship – Sandy Meyer-Wölden speaks out
Amira Pocher has a new relationship – Sandy Meyer-Wölden speaks out

Nobody knows how Amira Pocher feels better than Sandy Meyer-Wölden. She herself was once in the presenter’s shoes as the first ex-wife. Now she is speaking out about her successor’s new relationship.

The Pocher family is the epitome of a patchwork family in the German media. Comedian Oliver Pocher looks back on two failed marriages and five children, plus two more children from his first wife with another man. But so far there is no end in sight to the tangled family tree, because now his second wife, Amira Pocher, officially has a new partner.

Amira and Oliver Pocher separated in 2023 after a sensational war of roses. Pocher ranted incessantly on social media about a supposed new lover of Amira Pocher, the happiness guru Biyon Kattilathu. But then it went quiet. A few months ago, pictures from a South African vacation circulated on the internet, showing Amira Pocher with the presenter Christian Düren. Now the couple have made their relationship official. They appeared as a couple for the first time last week at Berlin Fashion Week.

Amira Pocher’s new love should not stand in the way of patchwork harmony

And Oliver Pocher? He has so far remained silent about his still-wife’s relationship – the divorce is in process. But not his first wife, Sandy Meyer-Wölden. She spoke to the “Bild” newspaper about Amira’s new relationship and said: “I’m happy for Amira. Everyone deserves to be happy. And they both seem to be.” Her goal is for them to continue to get along as a patchwork family, something that was in jeopardy after last year’s bitter divorce. “Now that a little time has passed and things have calmed down, I’m continuing to work hard to ensure that we reach the same level as a patchwork family as we had before Amira and Olli separated. Namely, a harmonious family life.”

After separating from Oliver Pocher, with whom she was in a relationship from 2010 to 2014, Sandy herself had two more children with another man. These are also part of the patchwork family, which is why the Pochers have three marriages and seven children so far. But there is also the possibility that there will be more. Amira Pocher recently revealed in her podcast “Liebes Leben” that she had stopped taking the pill “for the good of her body,” she said when asked by “Bild”. But she also added that she is probably not finished with family planning yet: “I’m still young, I could do it two or three more times,” said the 31-year-old about having children.

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