Netflix: Steven Spielberg’s favorite 8-episode miniseries that made him cry

Netflix: Steven Spielberg’s favorite 8-episode miniseries that made him cry
Netflix: Steven Spielberg’s favorite 8-episode miniseries that made him cry

With a high dose of comedy, this short series will captivate and excite you from the first episode, just as it happened with the famous Spielberg.

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Netflix has accustomed us to offering us content of all kinds and for all tastes. And what’s more, works by authors not so well known and that have the ability to move both insiders and outsiders. This is the case of Mo, the eight-chapter piece which, through the life experiences of its protagonist, the challenges he must overcome, the uprooting, combined with a lot of humor, brought tears to Spielberg himself.

It is directed by Solvan Naim and written by Amer, along with Ramy Youssef, an American actor and comedian of Egyptian descent.

What is MO, the Netflix miniseries, about?

Mohammed Amer plays Mo Najjar, a fictional version of himself, a Palestinian refugee who seems to be always one step away from obtaining asylum in the US He speaks three languages, lives with his family in Houston, Texas, and adapts with humor to the most absurd circumstances.

Najjar grew up in Kuwait, an Arab country in the Persian Gulf, until war forced her family to leave, sending her to live undocumented in Houston, Texas, where she is waiting for her request for official asylum in the North American country, nearly 22 years ago, to be attended to.

It is a story told through various languages, cultures and creeds, united by the hustle and bustle of life in the United States and humor. The protagonist is an endearing, tireless and persistent individual, He is a born salesman with the ability to make the most of every opportunity that life offers him.whether difficult or not.

The miniseries will captivate and thrill you from start to finish, just as it happened with the famous filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who was moved and cried upon seeing it, and sent a letter to the protagonist to congratulate him on such a production.

Trailer for MO, Netflix miniseries

Cast of MO, Netflix miniseries

In addition to Amer, the cast includes figures such as Teresa Ruiz, Omar Elba, Farah Bsieso, Lee Eddy, Cherien Dabis, Samuel Davis, Rafael Castillo, Rana Haddad, Grant Goodman, Amanda Joy Erickson, Wilmer Calderon and Melanie Haynes, among others.

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