Mireille Mathieu: She has avoided the sun for 54 years

Mireille Mathieu: She has avoided the sun for 54 years
Mireille Mathieu: She has avoided the sun for 54 years

At 77, Mireille Mathieu places great importance on maintaining a youthful appearance. For the sake of her skin, the singer even avoids the sun.

Mireille Mathieu (77) has been on stage for 60 years. The French singer, who became famous worldwide with hits like “Mon Crédo”, has never shied away from the limelight – but sunlight is a different story. “The last time I was in the sun was when I was 23, it’s bad for the skin,” the 77-year-old explained in an interview with

The musician still attaches great importance to her appearance, which is why she is happy to make sacrifices for her skin. “I watch my diet and use expensive facial care products,” she explained. To maintain a flawless complexion, Mathieu avoids alcohol and “eats a yogurt every day.”

Make-up first thought after an accident

Mireille Mathieu, whose brown bob with bangs has been her trademark for decades, has always taken meticulous care of her appearance. Even after an accident, that was her first thought. “I had an accident when I was 22. We were on the way from a performance in Lyon to Grenoble for the Olympic Games. The car overturned,” she said in the interview.

The occupants of the car suffered minor injuries – and the full-blooded musician only had her face in her head: “I remember that the first thing I asked about my make-up because I was still supposed to perform.”

Farewell tour is coming up

Mireille Mathieu has released singles in twelve languages ​​and sold more than 190 million records over the course of her career. On November 24th, her farewell tour “Goodbye my Love Goodbye – for the last time ‘The best of'” starts through Germany. But for the artist, this is not a final farewell. “If you love what you do, you never really retire. To this day, I work on my voice every day,” she explained to the newspaper. Music helps her to stay young and positive.

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