Black sneaker trends 2024: 6 models for summer

Sneakers dominate shoe trends again this year: In addition to white models, black sneakers in particular are among the must-haves for 2024.

Black sneakers are much easier to care for than their light-colored counterparts and at least as comfortable. The dark shoes dominate our local shoe shelves all year round – and there’s a simple reason for that: They go with almost any outfit, are usually unisex and can even be worn on cold days. Admittedly, one or two models require a second pair of socks, but black sneakers (along with classic boots) are still among the most popular shoes. We present you six trends.

1. Classic sneakers

The Reebok brand has been producing running shoes for men and women for several decades. made of leather, for example, are real classics: Although the sneakers do not protect against the cold, nor are they waterproof – the two centimetre high heels and a comfortable insole still offer a certain level of comfort on cold days.

2. Platform sneakers (high)

This year, so-called platform sneakers, which are characterized by an extremely thick sole, are particularly popular. by Puma, for example, has a rubber outsole several centimeters thick with anti-slip tread, so that the black sneakers (including lacing) offer a secure grip on the street even on cold days.

3. Platform sneakers (low)

The low counterpart to the high-top sneaker is the : Here too there are black models with high platform soles, for example from Tamaris. The ankle-deep leather shoes have a three centimetre high block heel and are available in different sizes (36 to 42) – and for those who don’t like black, also in two other colours (white and beige).

4. Lined sneakers

On cold days, lined sneakers like the model : In addition to their water-repellent upper material, the leather shoes have a special Ortholite footbed that is designed to ensure maximum comfort. According to the manufacturer, other advantages include a hard-wearing, slightly profiled rubber outsole.

5. Sneakers with profile

When it is wet and cold outside, ordinary paths turn into dangerous slippery slopes. To stabilize the feet, it is advisable to wear shoes with a large profile. Accordingly, there are also black sneakers that have adapted to the weather conditions: This year, the high top sneakers made of leather by a must have.

6. Slip-on sneakers

The last of this shoe series are these : The shoe brand is known for its classic sneakers, but has also added lined shoes to its range for cold days. The “Mid Slip MTE-1” slip-on sneakers with a thick sole are particularly practical as they can be easily slipped on – without laces or a zipper.

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