Big Brother: how was the rating of the final?

Big Brother: how was the rating of the final?
Big Brother: how was the rating of the final?

This Sunday, the 2024 edition of the cycle came to an end, crowning Bautista as the winner.

Big Brother closed a new season last night with an exciting finale. Baptist was the big winner of the reality show, but the numbers for this edition did not support the channel as they did last year.

Last year the final reached a peak of more than 30 rating points. Julieta Poggio, Marcos Ginocchio and Nacho Castañares were the main protagonists of the last edition.

However, this year it was not the same due to the “early final” between Juliana Scaglione and Martin KuThe two former contestants were eliminated by the public and the result of this Sunday’s program was anticipated by several users on social networks.

What was the rating in the final of Big Brother?

The contest averaged around 20 points and the celebration was tinged with grey. Compared to last year, the reality show had a drop of 10 points in the IBOPE numbers.

What were the ratings of all the finals of Big Brother Argentina?

  • Big Brother 2001: 36.1.
  • Big Brother 2002: 29.7.
  • Big Brother 2003: 29.2.
  • Big Brother 2007: 39.1.
  • GHFamosos: 14.8.
  • Big Brother 2007: 20.4.
  • Big Brother 2011: 31.4.
  • Big Brother 2012: 12.5.
  • Big Brother 2015: 12.0.
  • Big Brother 2016: 8.3.
  • Big Brother 2022: 28.6.

Bautista Mascia won Big Brother

On a night full of excitement and expectations, Bautista Mascia was crowned the winner of Big Brother. The final of the reality show, one of the most followed and talked about on television, culminated in a gala full of surprises, tears and celebrations.

The singer was one of the original participants of the program who managed to win the hearts of the public and obtain the majority of positive votes to be crowned champion. Emmanuel Vich came in second place and Nicolás Grosman in third place in the final.

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