John Cena: Wrestling icon announces retirement

John Cena: Wrestling icon announces retirement
John Cena: Wrestling icon announces retirement

Wrestling legend John Cena announces the end of his career. But fans can still look forward to a farewell tour.

Wrestling will lose one of its most famous representatives: John Cena (47) announced his retirement on Sunday. He announced his impending departure on , Canada. 2025 will be the last year in which he will appear in the ring.

“Plan something unforgettable”

In his six-minute speech, which was accompanied by boos from disappointed fans and chants of “John Cena”, the star wrestler and actor announced his departure: “Tonight I officially announce my retirement from WWE.” He also announced that he would take part in the WWE’s major events “Royal Rumble” and “Elimination Chamber” for the last time in 2025. And he added: “I am here to announce that 2025 in Las Vegas will be the last ‘Wrestlemania’ that I will take part in.”

But he at least promised the disappointed fans “something unforgettable” as a farewell.

As he further explained in a press conference, there will be a farewell tour with up to 40 fights spread over the entire year. He will also remain part of the WWE family in other ways, even if he leaves WWE as an athlete. “The WWE is my home and I love it,” he said. Although he feels “physically exhausted,” this is no reason to turn his back on the sport completely.

During his performance at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, he also thanked the fans. “Thank you for letting me play in the house that you have built for so many years.”

Successful wrestler

Since the start of his career in 1999, Cena has been crowned WWE World Champion 16 times. This puts him at the top of the list together with Ric Flair (75). He has also worked as an actor since his appearance as John Triton in the action film “The Marine” (2006). The wrestling icon has starred in several “Fast & Furious” films, among others. Last year he had a cameo appearance as the mermaid Ken in the blockbuster “Barbie” (2023).

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