Effortlessly cool like Sienna Miller: “It Girl Blonde” is the new summer trend

Effortlessly cool like Sienna Miller: “It Girl Blonde” is the new summer trend
Effortlessly cool like Sienna Miller: “It Girl Blonde” is the new summer trend

“It Girl Blonde” is the hottest color of summer 2024. That’s why everyone wants Sienna Miller’s casual, cool boho chic at the hairdresser.

“It Girl Blonde” is a light, warm blonde tone that is reminiscent of sunny days and effortless coolness. This shade looks expensive without being too perfect – just right for anyone who wants to wear a natural, yet special look that stands out from other hair colors. The styling role model for this hair color look is actress Sienna Miller (42). She attracts attention on the red carpets and in the front rows of fashion weeks around the world not only with her modern boho chic, but above all with her soft and radiant blonde tone. A hair color that is now considered the most desirable blonde tone for summer 2024:

Why is “It Girl Blonde” so popular right now?

The warm blonde tone of “It Girl Blonde” is a perfect match for the lightness of summer. The delicate highlights give the hair a natural look that comes across both in sunlight and at evening events. Whether in the front row of a fashion show or shopping in the supermarket – this look is effortless and suitable for every occasion.

A characteristic feature of “It Girl Blonde” is that the color of the highlights looks as natural as possible. Subtle highlights and lowlights are used to give the hair depth and dimension. It is also important that warm, golden undertones are used with “It Girl Blonde”. The naturalness of the colors creates an easy-care root that does not need to be constantly re-colored.

These “It Girls” wear the look

Kate Moss, Chloë Sevigny and Sienna Miller set trends with similar blonde tones in the early 2000s. Today, younger style icons such as Lila Moss, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber are continuing this tradition and showing how versatile and timeless “It Girl Blonde” can be. Nevertheless, Sienna Miller’s light, soft blonde tone is particularly popular and is often used as inspiration for visits to the hairdresser.

Who is the look suitable for?

“It Girl Blonde” is ideal for anyone who already has blonde hair and wants to lighten it a little. A healthy and well-cared-for hair structure is beneficial for the dyeing process in order to achieve the desired radiant look. If you want to copy Sienna Miller’s look, you should take a photo of her to the hairdresser and explain exactly which aspects of the color you particularly like.

Care tips for radiant hair

Proper care is essential to achieving the perfect “It Girl Blonde” look. Applying a deep conditioning hair treatment once a week can work wonders. Allow the treatment to work properly and then follow with a hair care serum to maximize shine. This will keep hair healthy and radiant – the key to always looking like a true “It Girl.”

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