Tim Mälzer: His XXL teddy is missing

Tim Mälzer: His XXL teddy is missing
Tim Mälzer: His XXL teddy is missing

A giant teddy bear from Tim Mälzer’s restaurant “Bullerei” has disappeared without a trace. Those responsible have even offered a reward.

The famous hamburger restaurant “Bullerei” owned by TV chef Tim Mälzer (53) has had a secret star for many years: a huge teddy bear sat in the entrance area of ​​the restaurant and greeted guests. The teddy, simply called “Bärchen”, has now disappeared and has been missing for several days. The official Instagram account of the “Bullerei” states that he was last seen on June 23rd at around 9 p.m.

“Description: approx. 1.20 cuddly meters tall, playful, sweet, trusting, loyal and bear-like,” wrote those responsible for some pictures of the cuddly toy. They are asking for “relevant information so that Bear can be returned to us quickly.” Anyone who returns the XXL teddy “safe and sound” will receive an “equally sweet reward.”

Replacement Teddy has temporarily taken over

Meanwhile, the “Bullerei” posted a picture of a replacement teddy bear in one of his Instagram stories, who is now holding the fort instead of the little bear. In a speech bubble, however, he misses his colleague: “So, I’ll take over. I still miss my colleague…” The maltster, who was born in Elmshorn, opened the popular restaurant “Bullerei” in 2009 in a former cattle market hall of the old slaughterhouse in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel.

Source: Stern

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