“I vomited blood”: Kate Beckinsale really felt so bad

“I vomited blood”: Kate Beckinsale really felt so bad
“I vomited blood”: Kate Beckinsale really felt so bad

Kate Beckinsale had to be treated in hospital for six weeks in the spring. How dramatic her situation really was.

A mysterious hospital stay at Easter shocked her 5.6 million followers: Kate Beckinsale (50) posted frightening pictures from her hospital bed, lying on a drip. She has since deleted the photos from her Instagram account, but the actress has now spoken in detail about why she was hospitalized for a total of six weeks.

In a video of herself on Instagram – wearing a blush pink hamster-print micro crop top and matching panties – she defends her weight loss after trolls commented on her profile that her “butt had run away.”

“No, actually I watched my stepfather (director Roy Battersby, editor’s note) die shockingly suddenly, my mother has stage four cancer and I lost a lot of weight pretty quickly due to stress and grief,” she says in a calm voice. Beckinsale had already shared her worries about her ailing mother Judy Loe with her followers in August 2023.

Kate Beckinsale: “I vomited blood”

Beckinsale goes on to say that she spent six weeks in hospital until May of this year because grief had “burned a hole” in her esophagus, causing her to “vomit a lot of blood.”

“I had a hard time eating and then I just worked really, really hard on a film that was also really triggering because it also dealt with the subject of my father’s death. So I’m not really worried about what you think about my butt,” she said, dismissing the user who was making fun of her body.

The Beckinsale medical record

The London native revealed in March that she had been hospitalized, eventually suggesting with a T-shirt that she was dealing with “tummy issues” and later explaining that she had suffered a tear in her esophagus.

In the past, Beckinsale has made health problems public several times. In 2019, a ruptured cyst was found in her ovaries. She then revealed that she was suffering from mast cell activation syndrome – a systemic disease that could lead to chronic inflammatory complications.

Stressful family drama

Kate Beckinsale’s stepfather Roy Battersby (1926-2024) died earlier this year after a very short, serious illness. She had cared for the director until his death. The loss triggered post-traumatic stress disorder, as her father, actor Richard Beckinsale, died of a heart attack in 1979 at the age of just 32. Kate, who was five years old at the time, found the body.

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