Harvey Weinstein: New New York trial starts in November

Harvey Weinstein: New New York trial starts in November
Harvey Weinstein: New New York trial starts in November

Harvey Weinstein will have to appear in court again in the fall. At a hearing, it was announced that an investigation is still ongoing.

Former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein (72) is back in court. On Tuesday, Weinstein appeared at a court hearing in the New York district of Manhattan. Once again, he appeared weakened and had to be pushed to his seat in a wheelchair. The local prosecutor’s office said that a new trial could realistically begin in November. The investigation is currently not yet complete, which is why the findings cannot yet be presented to a grand jury.

According to Deputy District Attorney Nicole Blumberg, allegations from alleged rape victims who were unable to testify at Weinstein’s first New York trial are currently being investigated. “People are still investigating this trauma-sensitive matter,” she said, “it’s an ongoing process.” , and that this is merely a delaying tactic by the authorities.

First verdict in New York overturned

The former film producer was initially sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault by a New York court in 2020. In April, however, the verdict was overturned by the Supreme Court of the US state of New York. The reason: The judge in charge allowed statements from women in the trial who did not appear as victims and who spoke negatively about Weinstein. However, this would have had nothing to do with the case and may have influenced the jury.

Despite the annulment by the highest court, Weinstein remains in custody because he was also convicted of sex crimes in another trial in Los Angeles in 2022. The sentence was set at 16 years in prison in early 2023. The allegations against the former film mogul launched the #metoo movement worldwide in 2017, with which women drew attention to sexual assault.

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