Deadline for applying for Spanish citizenship extended

The Spanish government has extended the deadline to begin applying for citizenship. Who can apply for it?

Known as Grandchildren Lawthe government of Spain put into effect the regulations that make it easier for descendants of Spaniards to process the citizenship from that country. As confirmed in the last few hours, The deadline for applying for the procedure was extended until 2025.

In this way, too The maturity period is extended to October 31, 2024. The focus of the law is on Children or grandchildren of Spanish citizens who for some reason had to leave the country, but also, in Children of Spanish women married to foreigners before the 1978 Constitution came into force.

The objective of the measure is simplify the procedure and be one repair tool for those who emigrated from Spain for political, ideological or religious reasons.

Grandchildren Law: how to process Spanish citizenship

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Spanish citizenship can be requested until 2025.

Spanish citizenship can be requested until 2025.

To process Spanish citizenship through the Law of Grandchildren, the first thing to do is Make an appointment at the Spanish Consulate from your city or the nearest one. Then gather the following documentation and take it to the appointment at the Consulate:

  • The certificate of option for Spanish nationality.
  • Birth certificate of the Spanish parents in case the child is not registered in the Spanish Civil Registry.
  • Birth certificate of the interested party issued by the Argentine Civil Registry, legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with The Hague apostille.
  • Marriage certificate of the parents or birth certificate of the father or mother who does not have Spanish nationality.
  • Spanish passport or death certificate of the Spanish parent.
  • Argentine ID of the Spanish parent.
  • Argentine ID of the interested party.
  • In the case of adoptions, the complete adoption certificate must be provided along with the birth certificate of the adopted person.

Grandchildren Law: who can apply for Spanish citizenship

The following people can apply for Spanish nationality:

  • Those born outside of Spain whose father or mother, grandfather or grandmother are or were originally Spanish
  • Those born outside of Spain whose father or mother, grandfather or grandmother had lost or renounced their nationality due to exile.
  • Those born outside Spain to Spanish women who lost their Spanish nationality by marrying a foreign citizen before the 1978 Constitution came into force.
  • Sons and daughters who were of legal age when their father or mother opted for Spanish nationality by virtue of the Law of Historical Memory.
  • Those people who have already opted for non-original Spanish nationality according to article 20 of the Civil Code because their parents obtained it under the protection of the Historical Memory Lawand also those who opted for Spanish nationality under art. 20.1.b may apply to acquire Spanish nationality of origin.

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