Body shaming: Lena Dunham does not play the main role in her Netflix series

Body shaming: Lena Dunham does not play the main role in her Netflix series
Body shaming: Lena Dunham does not play the main role in her Netflix series

Lena Dunham became famous with the semi-biographical series “Girls”. Her new Netflix project is also based on her life. But this time she has made a sad decision.

Big city life, self-discovery and a lot of bad sex: The comedy series “Girls” about four young women in New York achieved cult status in the 2010s. It was written by Lena Dunham, who also took on the lead role of the narcissistic Hannah Horvarth. Now another of her shows is coming to screens: Dunham is currently developing the comedy series “Too Much” for Netflix, which is due to be released in 2025. But this time Dunham will not be playing the lead role – and there is a sad reason for that.

“I wasn’t physically ready to have my body taken apart again,” she told The New Yorker magazine. “I didn’t want to go through the experiences I had with ‘Girls’ again at that point in my life,” Dunham said. But she found it difficult to admit that to herself.

Like “Girls,” the Netflix project is basically about Dunham’s life: The series is about an American woman in her late 30s who moves to London and falls in love with a musician. Dunham herself has lived in the British capital since 2021 and is married to Luis Felber, a Peruvian-British musician. Now actress Megan Stalter is taking on the lead role in “Too Much.” She is “a little Meryl Streep,” Dunham enthused.

Lena Dunham’s nudity in “Girls” made headlines

When she wrote “Girls,” Lena Dunham was only 24 years old, and became a star overnight – and a headline. In addition to criticism of the content, Dunham was subjected to a great deal of body shaming: the mere fact that she appeared naked in the series caused controversy at the time, and hate comments piled up online. The whole thing also meant that Dunham has not used access to her social media channels herself for six years. An assistant does this for her; she writes posts but does not read the comments. “I don’t think we should spend our time on these platforms. These places do not protect women and minorities (…),” said Dunham. She realized that she would not be able to feel the way she wanted to in her private life as long as she had access to these things.

But that doesn’t mean that Dunham has turned away from acting entirely: At the Berlinale this year, she was seen in “Treasure” alongside Stephen Fry, playing the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. Another major film project is currently in the works. And she will also be seen in “Too Much”: The 38-year-old is taking on a smaller role, alongside Andrew Rannells, as Dunham revealed. This should particularly please fans of “Girls”: she was in front of the camera with him back then, and he played Elijah, the gay ex-boyfriend of Dunham’s Hannah.


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