Lisa Mantler: TikTok star reveals baby gender

Lisa Mantler: TikTok star reveals baby gender
Lisa Mantler: TikTok star reveals baby gender

Influencer Lisa Mantler has revealed to her Instagram community whether her first child will be a girl or a boy.

More than a year after her wedding, TikTok star Lisa Mantler (22) announced her pregnancy at the end of June. Together with her husband Jonas Jay, the 22-year-old is looking forward to her first child. Now she has revealed the baby’s gender.

shows the couple opening a white box together, from which blue balloons are floating. “What a special moment! The important thing is that our little one is healthy. It’s wonderful to know that we’re having a little boy, I can hardly wait,” she wrote in the video and continued: “Jonas and I always thought it would be a boy, but we didn’t know until now.” She is looking forward to “meeting our little boy soon,” Mantler announced.

Only two family members were informed

The influencer had previously given a talk at the garden celebration to reveal the baby’s gender. Under the clip, she thanked family and friends “who were part of this special moment. I couldn’t be more grateful to celebrate this moment together! Only our (she and twin Lena, editor’s note) big sister and her husband knew the gender.”

The 22-year-old also announced her pregnancy on her official Instagram channel. “Family of 3 loading,” Mantler wrote on a photo showing her with her husband Jonas Jay. Both are placing their hands on Lisa Mantler’s growing belly.

The TikTok influencer, who became famous at a young age together with her twin sister Lena, confirmed her wedding in March 2023 with loving pictures on her Instagram account. A short time later, in August 2023, Lisa and Lena Mantler announced their professional separation.

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