Olympia: Clueso: First breakdance, then music

Olympia: Clueso: First breakdance, then music
Olympia: Clueso: First breakdance, then music

Singer Clueso sings the official song for the German Olympic team. He is particularly looking forward to the breakdance premiere in Paris, as the sport has had a major influence on his career.

Singer Clueso (44, “Flugmodus”, “Gewinner”) is a big breakdance fan and is looking forward to the Olympic premiere of the dance form in Paris. “It’s a sport that has grown out of itself, comes from the streets and is incredibly athletic. I came to music through breakdance and am grateful that I ended up in this hip-hop scene,” the songwriter from Erfurt told the German Press Agency.

Clueso is contributing the official song of the German Olympic team with the single “Für immer jetzt”, which will be released on Friday. He will also play a live concert in the German fan zone in Paris on July 27th.

Breaking is the first dance style to be contested at the Summer Olympics (July 26 to August 11) and is closely linked to hip-hop culture. In Paris, men and women compete against each other in individual battles, but without German participation.

Clueso at Olympia “bottom crawling box”

Could Clueso keep up? “I can still do a few moves and was good at it. But that would be ridiculous and the lowest of the low considering the level that people have these days.”

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