“Alf” star Benji Gregory dies at 46

“Alf” star Benji Gregory dies at 46
“Alf” star Benji Gregory dies at 46

Former child star Benji Gregory played his way into the hearts of “Alf” fans as Brian Tanner. Now Gregory has died at the age of just 46, as his sister revealed to a US portal.

Hardly any series entertained its fans as much as “Alf” did in the 1980s. In Germany, ZDF broadcast a total of 100 episodes of the popular sitcom about the alien Alf, who hides with a normal family on Earth, the Tanners, after crash-landing on their property. One of the stars of “Alf” was the then child star Benji Gregory, who played the family’s son Brian. As his sister has now confirmed to the US gossip portal “TMZ”, Gregory died in mid-June at the age of 46.

“Alf” star Benji Gregory dies at 46

His lifeless body was found in his car in a parking lot. His dog Hans was next to him. According to his sister, Gregory suffered from depression and bipolar disorder for many years. He also had trouble sleeping, which sometimes kept him awake for days. According to TMZ, Gregory’s family members believe he fell asleep in his car and died due to the intense heat. However, there is still no official cause of death confirmed by the coroner.

When the world first met Gregory, he was just seven years old. In Germany, “Alf” was broadcast from January 1986 to March 1991. Benji Gregory received numerous nominations for his work and his portrayal of Brian Tanner. But the role was not to be his only one in the eighties and nineties. Gregory appeared in various TV shows until he turned his back on acting in the early 2000s. In 2003, he joined the US Navy and became an aircraft mechanic.

source: “TMZ”

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