Tobias Moretti: His popular artist family

Tobias Moretti: His popular artist family
Tobias Moretti: His popular artist family

The Austrian acting star Tobias Moretti comes from a real and constantly growing family of artists. Who all belongs to it…

At a family celebration for Tobias Moretti – such as his 65th birthday – many other popular artists could come along to congratulate him. Because the Austrian actor, who was born on July 11, 1959 in Gries am Brenner in Tyrol, is the star of a real family of artists – which keeps growing and growing and growing.

Daughter Antonia Moretti

Most recently, Tobias Moretti was seen with his firstborn, Antonia Moretti (born 1998), in the sequel to the thriller “The Hunted – In the Net of the Camorra” (2024). She also played at his side in the previous two-part TV series “In the Net of the Camorra”, which was broadcast on ZDF in September 2021. For this, she received the Romy in the “Female Discovery” category in 2022. In 2016, Antonia Moretti was already seen in the two-part series “Das Sacher. In bester Gesellschaft”, in 2018 in the German-Austrian series hit “Der Pass” and since 2020 she has played Alina in the “Landkrimi” series. “She is studying physiotherapy,” Tobias Moretti told spot on news in an interview in 2021, but by now the course is probably set for acting.

Wife Julia Moretti

It is no coincidence that Antonia Moretti also has a great sense of music and “studied jazz singing in New York”. She is the result of the actor’s marriage to the Austrian oboist Julia Moretti (born 1970) in 1997. The musician was a member of the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra, played with various baroque ensembles and is co-founder of the Moderntimes Chamber Orchestra. Together, the artist couple excelled in a completely different creative field in 2016: , which is awarded to personalities who have made a contribution to cooking and food culture. “It is important to me that everyday, simple food is something special. That is how culture begins and that is what I learned at home,” the actor told spot on news.

Son Lenz Moretti

After Antonia, the Morettis had a son, Lenz (24), and a second daughter, Rosa (born 2011). Lorenz Moretti has also embarked on an artistic career. He studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main. He has been a member of the Vienna State Opera since the 2023/24 season. In a short interview with the theater, the young actor also raves about “good food” and “big hearts and inspiring encounters.” He is currently looking for and finding all of this in the German capital, far away from his 400-year-old local “mountain farm in Tyrol.”

Brother Gregor Bloéb

Tobias Moretti has naturally known another artist in his family for even longer than his wife: Gregor Bloéb (56), born on January 3, 1968 in Innsbruck, is his younger brother. He has also made a name for himself. After studying acting and a few theater engagements, he took on his first series role in “Die Piefke-Saga” (1990-1993). Bloéb played the police chief in Munich’s “Polizeiruf 110” from 2001 to 2006, and Eberhofer crime fans were terribly scared of him in “Schweinskopf al dente” (2016). He directs operas, works as artistic director of a theater festival, and is a regular on the theater stage – including with his brother in “Jedermann” at the Salzburg Festival. Personally, however, films such as “Single Bells” (1997), the Austro-“Tatort: ​​Absolute Diskretion” (1999), “Keinohrhasen” (2007) or “Anna Fucking Molnar” (2017) are also of importance, because they can all be found in the filmography of his wife Nina Proll.

Sister-in-law Nina Proll

The Viennese actress Nina Proll (50) has been married to Gregor Bloéb since 2008. Together they have two sons (born in 2008 and 2020). She celebrated her first really big success in 1999 at the Venice International Film Festival, when she was awarded the Marcello Mastroianni Prize for best young actress in “Nordrand” (1999). Proll was also named “Shooting Star” at the Berlinale in 2000. Other career stages in the cinema were “Komm, süße Tod” (2000), “Buddenbrooks” (2008) and “Dampfnudelblues (2013). Nina Proll also made many fans with her television roles. First and foremost, the hit series “Vorstadtweiber” (2015-2022) should be mentioned, in which she played one of the title characters – the reward: a Romy in the category “Most Popular Actress Cinema/TV Film 2018”. But she also shone in many “Tatort” roles, most recently in the Munich crime thriller “Kehraus” (2022).

Niece and nephew Josephine and Gustav Bloéb

Moretti’s brother Gregor Bloéb has four children. His two oldest, Josephine Bloéb (born 1992) and Gustav Bloéb (born 2001), are from his relationship with the Hanoverian actress Ute Heidorn (born 1962) and are also creatively active. His sister has already appeared in two Austro-“Tatorts”. But she is also always drawn to the stage. The charismatic artist plays in “7 Deadly Sins”, among other things.

Tobias Moretti – the award-winning acting star

Back to the birthday boy: Tobias Moretti is one of the best-known actors in German-speaking countries. The TV series “Inspector Rex” (1994-1998) brought him his breakthrough and the first of countless other Austrian and German awards. He received Adolf Grimme awards for “Krambambuli” (1999) and “The Dance with the Devil” (2001). His portrayal of historical figures in “Andreas Hofer – The Eagle’s Freedom” (2002), “Beloved Johann, Beloved Anna” (2009) and “Luis Trenker – The Thin Ridge of Truth” (2015) were also impressive. The films “The Dark Valley” (2014), “Hirngespinster” (2014) and “Gipsy Queen” (2019) are well worth seeing.

In the 2000s, Tobias Moretti appeared as the Good Fellow and the Devil in “Jedermann” at the Salzburg Festival. From 2017 to 2020, he played the legendary title role.

His next challenge also required a lot of enthusiasm. Because he can be seen as a season star in the sequel to the improv series “The Funeral” (2022, six episodes, ARD) and “The Festival of Love” (2023, four episodes) by Jan Georg Schütte (61). In “The Wedding” (working title), improv specialist Schütte lets the Meurer and Hell families from Mecklenburg meet the Pichler family from Tyrol. Also in the cast: niece Josephine Bloéb…

In 2016, spot on news asked Nina Proll whether she could still go to a restaurant with her husband and brother-in-law without being disturbed. “Yes, yes, it is possible and we do that every now and then. Of course, people look at us a bit and sometimes people come up and say something. But it is mostly positive and friendly, so it doesn’t bother us,” she said, adding: “The great thing about Vienna and Austria is that even the Federal President sometimes sits in a restaurant without a bodyguard. But maybe that’s the trick: if you behave normally, you can carry on living a relatively normal and free life.”

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