Matthew McConaughey: Actor shares shocking photo

Matthew McConaughey: Actor shares shocking photo
Matthew McConaughey: Actor shares shocking photo

Actor Matthew McConaughey shared a shocking photo of himself. He also explained what was behind his swollen eye.

Matthew McConaughey (54) is apparently struggling with the consequences of a bee sting. , in which he is smiling, but his right eye is completely swollen shut. “Bee swelling,” he captioned the post.

Is Woody Harrelson behind Matthew McConaughey’s swollen eye?

Numerous fans and followers spoke out in the comments section and wished the actor a speedy recovery. While some users were seriously concerned about the Hollywood star’s health, others also made fun of his condition and speculated about a fight between Matthew McConaughey and his “brother”…

One user joked that McConaughey might have been beaten up by his acting colleague and friend Woody Harrelson (62): “How hard did Woody H. hit you, man?” reads the comments on the picture on Instagram.

Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey have been close friends for many years. They met in 1997 while filming the movie “EDtv”. During an April 2023 appearance on Kelly Ripa’s (53) podcast “Let’s Talk Off Camera,” McConaughey revealed that their connection and similarities are so close that even their families get confused: “You see pictures of us and my family thinks a lot of pictures of him are of me. His family thinks a lot of pictures of me are of him.”

Could the two actors be brothers?

In fact, there is apparently a long-standing connection between the families: McConaughey went on to say that his mother revealed that she knew Harrelson’s father from before… Whether the two could really be brothers, as Matthew McConaughey apparently suspects, is something the Hollywood stars have not yet finally clarified.

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