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Christian Drosten: Is the virologist the one who is always misunderstood?

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The nation’s first virologist, Christian Drosten, suddenly says he never said the pandemic was over. Is that really true?

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Every educated person knows it, the “valid misunderstanding” from “Family Guy”, Season 1, Episode 6. And if not already, then now: Head of the family Peter Griffin spoons out of a bowl at the kitchen table, while Brian, the talking Labrador Retriever, reads the morning paper read. Peter, struck by a flash of sudden realization, exclaims, “There’s a message in my alphabet soup – ‘Oooooo’.” “Peter,” Brian replies, “these are Cheerios.” So, without exception, ring-shaped breakfast cereals that you can use to form any sentence you like, as long as it contains nothing but the letter O.

Source: Stern

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