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Chronobiologist Achim Kramer on early risers and late risers

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Owl? No: lark! The internal clock divides society into early risers, late risers and mixed types. But many live completely past their own rhythm. Chronobiologist Achim Kramer at the Charité is researching how our genome and brain clock us and how we could sleep, eat and work better.

Eckhart von Hirschhausen

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Achim Kramer is a chronobiologist and knows more about my body than I do. He saw through me down to the roots. Right down to the root of the hair, to be precise. I didn’t have a leg, but at least pulled a hair out to better understand my internal clock.

In 2017, three American chronobiologists received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for decoding this internal clock. They were able to show that different genes set the pace in animals or humans – which is why, for example, vital functions such as sleep, digestion, hormone release or blood pressure follow an individual day-night rhythm.

Source: Stern

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