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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Cream help for the back: These models will help you

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In the TV format “Hot oder Schrott – die Allestester” (Hot or Scrap – The All-Around Testers) mostly strange products are put through their paces, of which nobody knows whether you really need them. One of them recently was the so-called Eincremehilfe. The result of the testers was surprisingly positive.

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Anyone who regularly puts lotion on their back knows the problem: Some areas are difficult or impossible to reach. If mobility also decreases with age, even applying lotion to your arms, legs or feet can become an insurmountable hurdle. For this reason, there are now helpful gadgets that are supposed to help you – in the truest sense of the word. An example of this is the Eincremehilfe. Below we present three different models.

So you can cream even hard-to-reach places

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What looks like a classic massage brush at first glance only reveals what is inside the brush at second glance hides: A small compartment that can be filled with the body lotion (or sunscreen) of your choice. The gadget is then used like an ordinary back brush – with the difference that the 19 rollers it contains not only gently massage the back, but also apply cream evenly. The participants from “Hot oder Schrott – die Allestester” have a recently tested and loved it.

This cream aid for the back works similarly, but not quite as cleverly (). In contrast to the model from the TV show, it cannot be filled with body lotion, but it should be able to distribute any form of (sun) cream and oil evenly. A special texture made of skin-friendly materials is used for this. The handle also has an antibacterial coating to make it more durable and resistant to mold. The non-slip handle, on the other hand, should ensure that the cream aid lies well and securely in the hand.

This cream aid with a sponge surface should provide even more variety, which can make it easier to apply creams, ointments and lotions. The set includes four interchangeable applicator brush heads (two small and two large), so you have the right size for every body region. Also found in the which is available in three different colors (pink, beige, white), a cotton and linen bath brush – it can also be used for back treatments, for example to remove dead skin cells.


Source: Stern

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