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Can mineral water go bad – and how do you recognize that?

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Surely everyone has had this experience before:
Water from an open bottle tastes stale after multiple uses.
But can drinking water go bad?
No it can’t.
However, when a bottle is opened or water sits in the glass for a long time, the chemical composition of the liquid changes.
The water absorbs CO2 from the air and part of the liquid turns into carbonic acid.
This process lowers the pH of the water and makes the taste slightly acidic.
However, this only affects the taste experience.
It is usually not harmful. The best before date on water bottles is therefore not an expiry date.
According to the Table Water Ordinance, manufacturers are obliged to indicate a best-before date. “But even after this period has expired, mineral water can still be enjoyed without hesitation. The carbon dioxide preserves the mineral water and makes it last almost indefinitely.” – Information Center for German Mineral Water. In plastic bottles, however, oxygen can penetrate and carbon dioxide can escape.
Plastic bottles can release hormone-like chemicals into the water.
Although there is no immediate health damage if you drink the water after the best-before date,
nevertheless, researchers consider long-term consequences to be possible. Overall, it is advisable to consume opened bottles within a few days.
Microorganisms can get into the bottle when it is opened.
These multiply especially in bright and warm surroundings.
Therefore, storing opened water bottles in the refrigerator is best.
Avoid pathogens by not drinking from the same bottle with more than one person. When drinking, bacteria can get into the bottle via the saliva.

Source: Stern

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