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Depression: With these tips you can strengthen your psyche

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Depression is excruciating. But what to do when sadness and negative feelings roll over you? With these five tips you can strengthen your mental health in the long term.

Depressive episodes are widespread, with around one in five suffering from them at some point in their lives. They usually don’t appear overnight; Anyone who recognizes the first symptoms early can take countermeasures more easily or avoid a relapse. Typical signs are constant tiredness and exhaustion, headaches. In addition, brooding over problems that weren’t there before, a lack of desire to meet up with friends, concentration and sleep problems, a drop in performance, reduced self-esteem and inner restlessness. As with other lifestyle diseases, lifestyle plays a major role in depression: how we exercise and eat, how we deal with stress – all of this can make a difference.

Source: Stern

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